Watching the Olympics, I saw an ad that Walmart is committed to creating more American jobs by helping to spark a revitalization of U.S.-based manufacturing, or as they call it, “The American Renewal”. They have a goal that by the year 2023, they are pledging to purchase approximately $250 billion dollars in products that support the creation of American jobs. They plan on doing this 3 ways:
• 1. Increasing what they already buy of U.S. manufactured goods
• 2. Source “new to Walmart” U.S. manufactured goods and
• 3. Re-shore the manufacturing of goods they currently buy by facilitating and accelerating the efforts of their suppliers.

My guest, Tom Taormina, for more than 15 years has served as an Expert Witness in product liability cases and the author of the bestselling book, Foreseeable Risk. His proprietary process, Forensic Business Pathology is the product of proven quality management and years of studying business processes. Instead of opining on cause and effect, Tom creates a scientific case that the defendant did or did not exercise an appropriate standard of care in placing their product into the stream of commerce.


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