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Cheri Hill, Wealth Protection Diva

Cheri S. Hill “Wealth Protection Diva”, has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner and premier business strategist for the past 23 years as President & CEO of Sage International Inc. She is a national speaker, best selling author of Incorporate & Get Rich!, and motivational teacher of financial education, business development and wealth protection strategies.

About the Show

Cheri speaks from the heart about the joys and frustrations of being a business owner. Her insights are motivating. Her frankness inspiring.

She invites a cadre of brilliant core industry experts that delight and share their personal experiences, profound insights, powerful suggestions and timely advice so you can move beyond just surviving into thriving.

The goal is to empower all of her listeners through positive interactions, life-changing ideas, unique educational opportunities and shared Mastermind Principles so you can stay focused on a successful business track.

Whether you are just starting out or trying to grow an existing company, tune in and experience why Cheri is one of the most sought-after creative mentors to business owners.

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