Red Wagon Network

I love this business model.  Members who join get to shop at local businesses within the red wagon network who have agreed to offer a special deal and/or incentive to show their appreciation for you being a red wagon member.  The business owner wins because they increase traffic into their stores. The community wins because Red Wagon Network is all about driving and strengthening our community through better integration and participation at the local level.  It really is marketing at its finest!

Parade of Wagons

Red Wagon Network works directly with nonprofit organizations who have a need.  For example, they worked with Volunteers of N. Nevada Homeless shelter and determined that one of the biggest issues facing the homeless is a lack of luggage.  Without a suitcase they cannot secure their personal belongings or use public transportation.  So, the Red Wagon Network connects businesses by having them sponsor a little red wagon which is then filled with the requested items, in this case a suitcase. The suitcases were loaded into the wagons and literally delivered via a super fun parade to the homeless shelter.  It’s a great way to come play, support, and give, because they have made it super easy and fun!

It doesn’t take a lot, $1, $5, or a $100 can make a big difference in someone’s life. To learn more visit

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